Sydney's Success

Last summer we met Sydney, a beautiful, friendly, and energetic 3 year old labrador retriever. Her ​owner knew she was craving more exercise, but didn't have the time for longer walks. Sydney was also very hard to control on a leash, so even when she tried, her owner didn't enjoy the fight to keep her under control. As a result, Sydney was overweight and becoming destructive in the house due to excess, unused energy.

When her owner called and asked for help with dog walking, we knew we could help her and Sydney. With years of experience walking all kinds breeds, sizes, and personalities of dogs, we were able to easily begin a dog walking regimen that included long walks for needed exercise with positive reinforcement for good leash manners.

After only a few weeks, Sydney became accustomed to regular walks on leash. She no longer felt the need to pull because she knew she was going on a long walk, and pulling made her even more tired. Seeing other dogs around the neighborhood became routine, and she became familiar with them. She stopped acting frantic at the site of another dog and meeting them was now enjoyable. Her owner, a small-sized 60+ senior was soon able to walk her in between our visits. Sydney lost 25 pounds through the fall of last year, and settled in at an ideal weight. Her behavior in the home improved too. Tired dogs are well-behaved dogs, because dogs that get enough exercise don't have the energy to get into destructive trouble.

Now a year later, Sydney, and her owner, are commended wherever they go as the model for a well-mannered dog. Good girl, Sydney!

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