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Pet sitting and dog walking allows your pets to stay in their own home relaxed in their regular routines, sleep in their favorite spots, eat their own food, play in their own yard or walk among their familiar neighborhood, as well as get all their needed medications and care while you're away.  Whether it's to lavish your pets with attention during a two week vacation, give your dog a chance to stretch her legs and "go potty" during your long work day, or care for a debilitated pet undergoing medical treatment, our commitment to service, every day of the year, makes your time away easier on you and your pets. 

Five Star Pet Sitting

If you're going away without your pets- for a couple days or weeks at a time, leave them in the care of experienced pet care professionals.  We'll come to your home at prearranged times between 6am & 9pm, and lavish your pets with love and attention.  First, we'll  set up a free initial visit so we can meet you and your pets, giving you an opportunity to demonstrate their routines and our responsibilities.  We'll pick up the key at this time and begin pet sitting precisely on the predetermined date. 


Then during our visits we happily:

  • give hugs / receive kisses

  • walk dogs or allow yard access

  • provide personal attention, affection and playtime

  • give fresh food, water, and treats

  • give any and all needed medications and treatments

  • clean litter boxes

  • feed fish, pocket pets, etc.

  • clean up any pet related “messes”

  • bring in mail & newspapers

  • take out garbage & recycling

  • water plants

  • perform general security checks, change lighting around the house, and do whatever is necessary to care for your home and make sure it doesn’t look empty (and we never use car magnets or others forms of advertising at your home which inform potential burglars that you're away!)


While you're away, its easy to keep in touch with us- you'll have our personal mobile phone numbers to get direct, real-time updates via voice, text, & photos.  

When you return, your pets will surely express how happy they were with C&M, and our “Welcome Home!” letter will give you an account of how well your pets did while you were away.  Your home will be left as neat and clean as when you departed.


"Play & Potty" Breaks


Many dogs are home alone for long hours each day while their owners are away at work.  This can be too long a period for some to wait before they need a trip outside to relieve a full bladder and have a chance to stretch their legs.  The Play & Potty Break allows your pet some fun time during the day and a chance to avoid accidents in the house.  These visits are usually shorter than those while you're away for extended periods, and so cost less.  We make sure they have a good walk or run-around in the yard, "go potty", and get lots of rubs and kisses.  


We offer a Free Week of Play & Potty visits for all new clients when they schedule their first month's worth!

"Time to Go" Dog Walks


In 2015, we walked a total of over 1,500 miles- that's like walking from Ocean County to Dallas, Texas!  Our dog walking services fit any type of dog and are tailored to your pet's individual needs- year round, in any weather!  


Playful puppies and dogs with energy to spare can benefit from a brisk walk by spending that energy exercising rather than misbehaving.  A tired dog is a well-behaved dog, and our dog walks are intended to make your friend dog-tired!  Older dogs enjoy their time outside too, whether its exploring the neighborhood at a slower pace or just sitting in a sunbeam and sniffing the fresh air.  Whatever the situation, if your pet needs more time getting excercise and you need our help giving it to them, we're happy to oblige!



Expert Pet Care
Because of years of experience working with animals in a veterinary setting, we can do just about anything required to care for your pet.  Below is a list of some of the things we commonly do during pet sitting visits or as services on their own.  Of course, if you don't see what you and your pet need and it involves pet care,
just ask, we can do it!
  • nail trims

  • bathing

  • ear cleaning, medicating, and regularly scheduled maintenance

  • medicate only, even difficult to medicate pets

  • insulin injections and blood glucose monitoring for diabetics

  • sub-cutaneous ("sub-Q") fluid treatments

  • wound management

  • whole yard "pooper-scooping"

  • pet taxi to groomer, veterinary appointments, pick-up meds from vet or pharmacy

  • So much more! 

        *Many of these services are included with Full-Service Pet Sitting


On Call Services
Once you've become an established client, consider us "on call" for whatever problems or situations that arise.  Staying late at work?   Can't get that new ear medicine the vet gave you in the right spot?  Call or text any time to request a visit and we'll make it happen.  We are always happy to help you meet your pet's needs. 


                      Happy Pets, Happy People!


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