Many Benefits of "Play & Potty" Breaks

What do all these "Happy Pets" have in common? Their owners take advantage of our "Play & Potty" breaks! For dogs whose owners are away for long periods during the work day, these mid-day visits have many benefits for your pet & you: 1) They allow your pet to stretch their legs and get needed exercise (A tired dog is a well-behaved dog!) 2) Pets get fun social interaction that's "all about them" 3) They're given a chance to "go potty", possibly avoiding accidents in the house. Remember, just because they can hold it all day, doesn't mean they should. There's lots of good medical information explaining why its better for dogs to not "hold it" all day. 4) It gives us a chance to check on your pet- especially useful for those with medical problems, those needing medication, puppies and senior dogs.

Right now we're offering a special for new clients who want to give their pets the benefit of these visits- set up one month's worth of Play & Potty visits, receive the next week FREE!

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