Happy People


Below are real comments from some of our valued clients who let us know how much we helped them and their pets.  It's words like these that convince us we've got the best job in the world!

Pet Sitting Dog Walking Jackson, NJ
"All I can say is, you guys are the best!  "

"You know how crazy Bill is about his "baby".  He eagerly runs to the kitchen table to look for Sunny's "report card" after your visit.  Now when we go out, the first thing he says is to call the "baby sitter".  Stay as wonderful as you are- Sunny loves and needs you!!!"  -Denise, Bill, Jen, Mel, and Sunny "B" Schwartz, Howell

Pet Sitting Dog Walking Jackson, NJ
"Missy and Chris are
THE BEST pet sitters ever!"

"My husband was so incredibly nervous about letting someone else care for our pets, but once we met with Missy and Chris (we already knew Chris from Jackson Vet), he was immediately set at ease knowing we are leaving our babies in the best care possible with top notch pet care professionals! We always get a little note letting us know how the session went which makes us feel so great. I cannot say enough how happy we are that Missy and Chris are here to take care of our babies when we're not home!" - Pamela & Norman Bellina, Jackson

"You are wonderful and would recommend you without reservation to anyone who is looking for the best team to care for their pets."

"Several months ago, we lost Codie to Cancer. He was with us for fourteen happy years. As you know, he was the last of the three pets you took care of for us, and required the most care. We were always able to depend upon you. Our German Shepherd Misty, Codie our Lab, and our cat Roxi got the best care ever- administered professionally and lovingly.  You did not have an easy job with us, and I would like others to know that you gave medications to both dogs, insulin shots twice a day to Codie, and pills to our cat, Roxi (which definitely was not an easy task).  When we returned home, our neighbors would comment about how you brought Codie and Misty out into the yard and played with them a number of times each day.  Knowing how competent you were, how responsible, and how loving you were, gave us the peace of mind to fully enjoy ourselves when we were away from home.  After coming home, we found happy animals, a clean litter box, the mail neatly stacked on the counter, and always a note telling us about how things went.  In addition, at our request, you called us frequently while we were away to let us know how our animals were doing.  I hope you will be providing this service for a long, long time, because we plan to have another dog in the future, and we wouldn't use anyone but you.  We always came home to happy, healthy and clean animals.  When you came over, we could see how the dogs loved you.  We loved our animals dearly, and until we found you, we pretty much stayed at home because we didn't trust others to care for our pets, and we'd had a few bad experiences with other pet sitters regarding reliability and their ability to relate to the animals.  So, thank you, thank you, thank you Chris & Missy.  Sincerely, Ron and Nina Meissler, Freehold        

Pet Sitting Dog Walking Jackson, NJ
"I have worked side by side with this couple and can tell everyone without reservation that you will never receive better care for your pets, anywhere! "

"I have had them take care of my own managerie of horses, goats, dogs cats, chickens, birds, and even wildlife.  They are prompt, reliable, and extremely trustworthy.  I just can't say enough good things about Chris and Missy.  I wish they were still close by, but I have moved and I am still looking for that special contact that they provided my friends in my absence."  -Dr. Joy Cole, formerly of Jackson Veterinary Clinic

Pet Sitting Dog Walking Jackson, NJ
"We couldn't be happier! Thank You C&M Pet Care!"

"We have found the best pet sitters!  Chris & Missy were both professional and we could immediately tell they have a love for animals. We feel confident about all our critters large and small while in Chris & Missy's care. It is so nice to know that we don't have to worry about our pets and our home while we are away so that we can relax and really enjoy our trip and know upon our return we'll be greeted with happy pets." - The Kessler's, Jackson

"Their love of animals is un-matched.  We would heartily recommend C&M Pet Care to anyone with pets."

"I would like to take just a moment to recommend Chris and Missy for their helpfulness and way with animals.  Recently, my husband and I were in the process of relocating from Jackson, NJ to Austin Texas.  On the day of the flight, my husband Richard and friend Nancy were able to successfully get our two Akitas (Roscoe & Nikki) into their crates for the plane ride.  They were also able to catch and crate one of our cats, VJ.  But, Mama Cat got outside and ran off.  Richard and Nancy tried for over an our to catch Mama, but couldn't.  Fearful they would be late for the pet check-in on their flight- they had to leave Mama behind.  I was panicked!  I quickly thought of Chris & Missy and gave them a call.  They immediately called me back.  They tried several times to get Mama, and finally by 11:00 that night I got a call from them.  They found Mama and got her back into my empty house.  Then they went above and beyond the call of duty and took her into their home to care for her until I could arrange a flight from NJ to Tx for Mama.  Once again- way beyond the call of duty- they bought her a crate and drove her to Newark Airport very early in the morning so she could make a flight to Texas.  Now Mama is safe and sound in her new home with her fellow animal brothers and sister.  I have never worked with such kind people.   Thanks Again Chris & Missy!"  - Liz Walker, Austin, Texas. 

Pet Sitting Dog Walking Jackson, NJ


  • We want to thank you for taking such good care of Buddy when we have to leave town for a day or so.  It is a relief when we get home and find a note from you giving us the details of your visit.  We are able to travel, visit, or whatever it is that takes us away from Buddy with the certain knowledge that he will be cared for by people who are concerned with his spiritual and physical well being. – Irv & Barbara L.


  • There is no substitute for experience.  Thank You! – Mary & Ray H.


  • Thank you for taking care of them, we know they are in great hands. Whenever we come home, we think they’re actually disappointed to see it’s us and not you guys! – Marjorie W.


  • Thank you for the wonderful care of our pets, they look well rested and spoiled with your attention!  We will most certainly call you in the future. - Priya P.


  • Thank you soooo much for all you do.  You are so good to them!  It’s a great feeling that when we’re away, they are well taken care of. - Kristine M.


  •  We would like to thank you for all the years you had helped in taking care of two cherished members of our family… - Karen E.


  •  Thanks for taking such good care of the cats, you really came through! – Judy N.


  • Thanks so much for all of your help this year.  I know Boots is in good hands when we are not around. - Frank H.


  • Thanks you so much for taking care of Oreo on such short notice.  We really appreciate it.  It will make this weekend a lot easier knowing we do not have to worry about our baby. – Beth C.


  • Thanks so much. I feel so much better knowing that they’re home and under your good care!! - Anne N.


  • We are so glad to hear Cosmo is doing so well and really appreciate all you do for him and us. – Cheryl A.


  • I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the job you did while I was away on vacation.  It really put my mind at ease leaving them in good hands, especially with all the medications they were on. – Allison B.


  • Thank you so much for your service.  My vacation was so much more fun knowing Boots was in good hands. - Gaye M.


  • Thanks for taking such good care of Gypsy, we're so glad we found you. - Sandra M.


  • Many thanks for all of the wonderful things you do! – Kathy M.